A t-shirt, which I will receive on site, has to be worn at the seminar/camp. Wearing your own clothes is not allowed except for members of the “Schools of Kung Fu”.

It is not allowed to take photos or videos during the seminar/camp but taking personal photos before the seminar and after the seminar is allowed. A professional camera team will be used for this purpose. The copyright of the photos and the film recordings are owned by “Eternal Spring Institute”/Sifu Sergio P. Iadarola. Cell phones have to be left in the locker room or in a designated container/place. If I take photos or videos, I will be asked to delete them and I will not be allowed to participate at the seminar/camp any longer. The seminar/camp fee will not be refunded in this case.

Before entering the training area (Kwoon), each participant will bow out of respect for the training area.

The seminar/camp leader and his assistants have to be addressed as “Sifu”.

Questions are allowed. However, it is necessary to wait until the seminar/camp leader or one of his assistants ask or until he/they have finished speaking. Intermediate questions disturb the seminar/camp and are therefore to be omitted.

Members of the “Schools of Kung Fu” bring their membership passport. The seminars will then be registered by the staff of the “Eternal Spring Institute” at the designated place in the passport.