“The Eternal Spring Seal of Quality” is a plaque given to a school or academy, when one of our 5 level program’s of a particular system and lineage is completed. The Eternal Spring Seal of Quality plaque should be placed on the wall of the school or academy, showing that the owner is certified and granted the permission to teach the program according to the high standard of the Eternal Spring Institute.

Here a few examples of certain program’s:

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    The 1700’s Six Core Elements Internal Wing Chun program

    partially described in this book

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    The original Fei Lo Chi Temple Luk Dim Poon Kwan form and applications program

    Chi Sim/Tang Family

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    The last version of the Luk Dim Poon Kwan form, chi kwan and applications program

    that the late GM Ip Man taught in Hong Kong (Leung Ting)

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    The Five Chin Forms program of the original Fujian White Crane system

    from before the split into the 5 sub branches:

    1. Sleeping Crane
    2. Whooping Crane
    3. Eating Crane
    4. Flying Crane
    5. Shaking Crane.

    This program internalises the complete basics of the Fujian White Crane system, it’s internal/external workings, fascia, tendon, ligaments and mind/intention cultivation practices etc.

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    The Emei Zhe Zhuang program

    Learn the inner door cultivation methods of Emei Shan and unlock your inner potential

The programs above are just a few of the many available at the institute.

For requirements please contact the Eternal Spring Institute at info@eternalspringinstitute.com