How everything began...

The idea for the creation of the “Eternal Spring Institute” came about some years ago, on a trip Sifu Sergio P. Iadarola took to Taiwan with Sifu Kleber E. Battaglia.

A dream to create a Chinese Temple experience in Europe. An institute with a mission to provide the highest quality Chinese Martial Arts instruction in Europe. It would be a place free of the restrictions that certain associations impose, a completely neutral institute for established Masters, Sifus and beginners.

Sifu Sergio Pascal Iadarola

Sifu Sergio Pascal Iadarola, the founder of the IWKA (Internal Wisdom and Knowledge Association). Named by Wing Chun Illustrated Magazine as “The encyclopedia of Wing Chun,” is the author of the book “Six Core Elements, the SLT and history of Wing Chun” and one of the first westerners to open successful Wing Chun schools in Hong Kong and Mainland China.

A truly unique project

We decided on offering a truly unique way to learn a new skill set in the form of a new system. A new lineage within your current system or a special part of a system that you want to include into your own curriculum through special condensed programs. As well as hosting special seminars at the institute and throughout Europe sponsored by the institute. Small groups and private lessons are also available! All in all a truly unique project. We can’t wait to welcome you to the institute. To book your seminar, small group or private lesson go to xxxx

Looking for the perfect location

We started looking for the absolute best location for this unique project and decided that it should be on an island. Islands always have that special kind of vibe, the same as Taiwan, where we were staying at that time. A special place with a near perfect climate. A place where people could combine their Martial Arts, Qigong and Neigong studies together with a dream vacation. It had to be in one of the worlds most stunning island locations and it had to be in Europe. Accessible within 3 – 4 hours max from every major European airport. Finally we found our place “The Eternal Spring Island“ of Portugal, Madeira. Named by the ancient Greeks as the isles of the blessed, where a heavenly climate made flowers and fruits grow all year around.